From the Principal's Desk

”புதுவினை செய்க. அஃது
பொதுநலன் ஆதல் வேண்டும்”- பாவேந்தர் பாரதிதாசன்

"Do a Novel task
Let it be for Social benefit" - Paventhar Bharathidasan

"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing". Choosing Adventure in life is what that defines our uniqueness. The best way to achieve anything in life is to face challenges with confidence and smile. The most enjoyable part is being a student. Because this stage is open to a wide variety of adventures and it demands courage and self motivation to succeed in all the endeavors. The price for anything is the amount of life we exchange for it. It's ok to fall but never forget to rise up. So keep going with a smile.

Dr. S. Mugundakumari